Display vs. Display

Compare and calculate your display's DPI/PPI value, resolution, retina distance, and much more.



DisplayDetails features a DPI and PPI calculator and detailed display comparison for more than 500 displays. Check if your displays are retina and from what distance, calculate the width and height of your screen, the DPI and PPI value, pixel density, resolution, and much more.
More than 500 displays in database, including MacBook Retina, iMac 5k, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Dell Ultrasharp, LG Ultrafine, and much more.
Also, preview how big your font will look like on various retina or non-retina screens.

Quick Demo: Should I buy a 4k or a 21:9 ultrawide monitor? Check out this comparison here: http://displaydetails.com/cmp?u1=284&u2=309